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Integrated Solutions

Lighting Controls

We excel in providing comprehensive lighting control solutions that seamlessly integrate various elements to optimise energy efficiency and enhance user experience. Our approach revolves around the flexible use of zones, implementation of time scheduling, effective utilisation of natural light, and seamless integration of occupancy control.

Key features of our integrated solutions

Joint Systems

Experience increased energy efficiency and significant savings with our integrated building solutions that bring together diverse systems. By seamlessly integrating various components, we optimise resource usage and unlock potential for cost reduction. Achieve sustainable operations and maximise your building’s performance.

Single User Interface

In addition to increased energy efficiency and savings, integration offers the advantage of a unified platform for managing alarms and events from multiple building systems. By consolidating these systems, you gain streamlined monitoring and a centralised approach to effectively handle alerts and incidents.

Alarm Management

Our alarm management system provides a comprehensive solution that allows you to establish reliable alarm routing based on priority, day, and time. By customizing alarm settings, you can ensure that critical alarms receive prompt attention while non-urgent alarms are appropriately routed or delayed during specific periods.

Key benefits of our integrated solutions

Increased energy efficiency

Our goal is to help you achieve desired building conditions while minimising energy consumption. Through our comprehensive solutions and intelligent control systems.

Software and device compatibility

Seamless Compatibility: Our software products are designed to integrate effortlessly with any market system and open-protocol BAS systems.

Save Time

Simplified work processes and efficient management of problems and changes with our unified platform for multiple building systems.