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Data Driven Maintenance

More freedom. More improvements. More results

Reporting & Detailed Analytics

Our data-driven maintenance reporting and insights revolutionise building management, offering limitless potential for improvement. By harnessing the power of data analytics, we unlock valuable information that drives smarter decision-making and transformative enhancements.


Our integrated building and energy management system offers a comprehensive solution, providing everything you need for continuous improvement, all from a single platform. We believe in streamlining operations and optimising efficiency to achieve your building’s full potential.


Our team of experts takes pride in receiving high praise for the trust and customer satisfaction we provide. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, placing their needs and satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

Experience More Freedom and Lower Operation Costs with Our Solutions

VSD and valve operation reporting

Reporting on the operation of VSDs and valves to highlight any inefficiencies in the building’s operation.

Communication Reporting

As part of our comprehensive service, we provide detailed reports on metering and Building Management System (BMS) devices that are experiencing communication issues. Our advanced monitoring system allows us to identify and flag any communication discrepancies promptly.

Through our reports, you gain insights into the specific devices experiencing communication problems. We provide comprehensive data on the affected metres and BMS devices, highlighting the nature and frequency of communication issues.

Smart Alarming

Qwerty Systems Ltd specialises in implementing smart alarming systems to minimise the impact of equipment being overridden, forgotten, or running excessively due to faulty equipment. We understand the importance of proactive measures to optimise equipment performance and prevent potential issues.

With our smart alarming solution, you can set up customised alerts and notifications for specific equipment and operational conditions. These alarms are designed to promptly notify relevant personnel or trigger automated actions when irregularities are detected.

Utility Reporting

Our energy management system is designed to streamline utility consumption tracking throughout your building. We create specific reports tailored to your needs, presenting you with a single centralised area for monitoring.

With our custom reports, you gain valuable insights into your utility consumption patterns, including electricity, water, and gas usage. This comprehensive view enables you to identify potential inefficiencies, implement energy-saving measures, and track the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives.

Utility Consumption Alarms

Our cutting-edge energy management system includes consumption alarms that act as early warning signals for your energy consumption. These alarms are designed to automatically trigger an action as soon as energy consumption reaches a certain threshold.

By setting customised thresholds, you can closely monitor your energy usage and receive real-time notifications if consumption exceeds predetermined levels. This proactive approach enables you to identify potential inefficiencies or anomalies promptly, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Equipment Operation Reporting

Qwerty Systems Ltd provides thorough reporting on the operations of all site equipment to ensure correct status and performance when the equipment is required to be utilised. We understand the critical importance of having accurate and up-to-date information on equipment status to facilitate smooth operations.

Reduction of Maintenance Labour

With our advanced technology solutions, we empower you to identify and diagnose issues in your building’s performance with precision. Our system intelligently detects anomalies, enabling us to direct your technicians to the exact areas requiring attention.

By leveraging data-driven insights, our technology identifies potential inefficiencies, equipment malfunctions, or deviations from optimal performance. This proactive approach allows your technicians to address issues promptly, reducing downtime, and ensuring smooth operations.

Sensor Checks

Our cutting-edge system includes smart reporting capabilities that enable us to identify sensors displaying abnormalities in real-time. Through data analysis and advanced algorithms, we proactively detect sensor deviations and promptly notify you of any potential issues.

Achieve Proactive Results with Our Solutions

Our data-driven maintenance approach revolutionises how maintenance tasks are managed in your facility. By leveraging data, we can efficiently identify and report areas of concern, allowing your team to direct labour effectively.

Achieve Building Performance Uplift

Our solutions are designed to uplift building performance, delivering numerous benefits that positively impact your operations and bottom line. By implementing our optimized asset management strategies

Maximise Returns

Our solutions are designed to help you maximise returns on your investments by achieving rapid project payback periods. By focusing on energy and labour cost savings, we deliver tangible financial benefits that enhance your bottom line.


Our comprehensive system provides complete transparency of energy consumption, empowering you to achieve and maintain an improved NABERS rating. We understand the significance of this rating in demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Asset Value

Our sustainable building improvement strategy is designed to elevate your asset’s value and enhance its marketability in the long term. By focusing on sustainability and efficiency, we help you position your building as a desirable and forward-thinking investment.

Energy Optimisation

Our energy optimisation solutions are designed to help you achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to assisting you in reaching your sustainability goals.

Tenant Satisfaction

Our focus on building performance and energy management directly impacts tenant satisfaction, ensuring improved occupant comfort conditions and reducing complaints from tenants or staff. By optimising system operations, we create a conducive and comfortable environment.