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About Us

QWERTY Control Systems and Engineers

Qwerty Systems Ltd has installed hundreds of Building Automation Systems throughout the Pacific region. We have been installing BACnet products since 2000 and are an outstanding DDC systems supplier in New Zealand with state of the art turnkey solutions.

Properly specified and implemented BACnet systems provide building owners with many advantages including a significant reduction in lifecycle costs and an end to vendor obsolescence. Leadership in technology and support has made us one of the highest rated solution provider in our discipline. Design, supply, installation, programming, commissioning and service of complete DDC control systems for any buildings, we are a complete, one stop service for controls

“Qwerty investigated why so much energy was being used and once that was determined, provided a staged upgrade proposal. The proposal meant we could carry out the work in a staged methodology to suit our opex allowances”

Steve Walsh DirectorAspec Properties

Building Automation

Our fully integrated and scalable building controls and automation systems maximize the potential of buildings. We offer customised software packages with energy features, alarm systems, and event routing to meet specific needs.

Energy Solutions

Qwerty employs energy management software platforms to deliver customised solutions for intelligent energy monitoring and control. Our services encompass reporting and analytics, building optimization and tuning, energy services, gas, electricity, and water metering solutions, as well as lighting controls and retrofits.

Integrated Solutions

The platform we offer for integrated controls and building automation systems ensures smooth integration with various building utilities and services. It seamlessly connects with security management systems such as access control, CCTV, and intrusion detection, along with lighting controls and our space booking system.

Lifecycle Management

At every stage of the facility management lifecycle, from design and construction to management, maintenance, and upgrades, we offer comprehensive support. With a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness and exceptional performance, we are equipped to handle your building project throughout its entire journey.